RCA connector symbol footprint and pinout signal/ground flipped

I noticed a delta between the RCA connectors in the KiCad library with the pinout of just about every datasheet I can find. The pins for signal and ground are switched [(1-signal, 2-ground in Kicad library), (1-ground, 2-signal in datasheet)]. This delta produced audio issues when the board was printed.

You can see the comparison between the KiCad library and the pinout form the datasheet.

Datasheet: https://www.cuidevices.com/product/resource/rcj-04x.pdf

Usually, when using readily available libraries for transistors, connectors, diodes/LEDs, it is your responsibility to check them against your actual footprints being used in your layout.

I’ve seen some transistor datasheets for the same part number, but different manufacturers numbering the pins from right to left, and others from left to right, some of them consider the front view, other consider bottom view :slight_smile:

It still makes sense to me that signal pin in the schematic symbol is 1, and GND is 2. In your footprint you need to match/assign pins to pads according to the datasheet. So, in your footprint pads names should match pin names as in the datasheet.

So, after all it is your mistake not checking your pin assignments against pads. I am sorry, but this is how I see it, unless some member gives a better clarification of such situation.

There is no schematic symbol for an “RCA” connector in KiCad’s default libraries:

Re-using a schematic symbol for a coaxial cable connector and then calling it “RCA” and assigning some footprint to it does not change anything to that.

So I’m with elekgeek. When matching schematic symbols with footprints it is your own responsibility to verify that the pinout matches.
For this reason it is common practice to make a personal library with parts that you have checked & verified and trust.

Thank you to both of you, I appreciate the insight provided.

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