Ratsnest different to what was expected

I’m new to KiCad so I’m sure it’s a simple error on my part but I can’t work out why. I’m building a custom Macro pad with a teensy 2.0. I have completed the schematic and am working on routing the PCB. I know the basics of making a keyboard matrix and the ratsnest on my PCB is rather different to what I expected. Image below

I was expecting the ratsnest to show rows and columns. The first row was what I expected. I also noticed the odd way it’s connecting the traces to the teensy.

Does anyone know why this could be happening? Again I’m sure its a simple mistake on my part but I’m very new to this and simply don’t have the knowledge to find the issue.

From what you have written I don’t understand if ratsnest follow your schematic or not.
If yes - then what is the problem?
If no - show the schematic and write what is wrong with ratsnest…

I am also missing information for a proper answer but I have a guess about what could be going on.

The ratsnest shows shortest connections needed for fulfilling the connectivity information off the schematic. KiCad does not care in which order you place stuff on a net in the schematic.

If you make changes to your schematic then you need to update the connectivity information via the update pcb from schematic tool.

Do you know that you are not obliged to make connections exactly as ratsnest shows?
If you connect two pads that should be connected but there is no direct ratsnest line between them then one ratsnest line will disappear.

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