Ratsnest Coloring

How useful would it be if the Ratsnest changed color, to reflect the copper on that layer that could connect on that layer, and leave the color as normal if it isn’t that simple?

Or, just highlight the single Ratsnest line in a separate highlighted color when routing traces?

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Being able to set the rats nest color would be great. Changing the wire thickness would be great also. Both to enhance visibility for a given monitor and color scheme

I’ll be implementing net/net-class coloring for V6 (which includes ratsnest coloring)
But, this isn’t quite the same as what @Sprig was asking for.
If there is interest in having ratsnest colored by copper layer, I suggest making a separate feature request for that.

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My last design with a two(2) layer board was constricted as to what could be physically placed on each side of the board.

If the Ratsnest could check and show me if I’ve got that same net on the same side of the board it may likely assist me in the routing.

Reason for the post is to gauge interest in such a feature request; as well as refinements to the concept to provide a quality detailed feature request.

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Sounds good, just wanted to clairfy for Rene and others that the linked bug report above doesn’t cover this request exactly.

If I understand you right, would it also work to have a version of local ratsnest displayed (regardless of color) that only showed ratlines to items on the same layer?


EXACTLY! I don’t care what the color actually is, only that it shows ratlines to same netlist on the same layer.

Sometimes it can be easy to miss a nearby connection with the current Ratsnest presentation.

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