Rat's nest still shows unconnected pads, but it's connected


Here it shows GND is not connected, yet it’s connected. (circled in blue). How do I diagnose? I’ve tried deleting and reconnecting the traces, saving, closing, restarting, re-reading the netlist, but same results.

Maybe the GND fill is interrupted somewhere.

Thanks! I took a closer looks and found an island. I was able to open it up and now it’s connected! Thanks

If you are using OpenGL it happens quite a bit if you rotate component and two nets get overplayed. (at least that’s when it happened to me. I reported the bug but I don’t think it has been fixed. The solution would be close PcbNew and then open it again and all those pesky rats nest lines will be gone.

If not, check your connections. Just going by the picture, I see two ground pads that are not connected. Ground pour underneath may or may not make a connection. Need to zoom out.

Could you point me to the bug report or elaborate on the ratsnest problem? I would like to have it fixed before the stable release.

It has been fixed three days ago. Here is the bug report