Rastnets stopped showing up

all of a sudden the rastnet stopped working

case is i have a schematic and i have used the drag command to check that all components are connected

one component is a resistor that is connected to vcc at one end and to a reset line at the other end, simple enough right?

footprint is assigned and i create the netlist

and i read the netlist in pcbnew, but the same resistor is now not connected to anything, not connected to vcc or the reset line

what could it be?

In pcbnew:
Click on the show/hide ratsnest icon
Check the resistor pads: what net do they show?
Look for the resistor in the netlist. Edit the netlist with a text editor.

In eeschema:
Drag the resistor in the schematic and see if the wires are still connected to vcc and reset.

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