Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

Hi, I use KiCAD 5.1.9-1 release build, and I run into this interesting board (link provided below). I want to make some modifications and build it. But the project files that I downloaded are completed with the nightly KiCAD version 5.99. The new version is completely incompatible with the official release of KiCAD. I have searched the forum, and the translator doesn’t exist.

Is this open-source project available for the KiCAD 5.1.9-1 build??

I’ll keep searching, but if somebody has the link, please help.


Unfortunately the Pi folks decided to use nightly for their reference design instead of the stable release.

There are some CM4 carrier board designs made by the community that might work.
One I know of is designed in Eagle and should be able to be imported into KiCad: https://github.com/timonsku/Minimal-RPi-CM-4-Carrier

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