Ran Into a Windoze Roadblock? ....I think (SOLVED)

I’m working on working out how to use KiCad projects on USB stick across platforms. And, and I ran into a problem.

Everything was working just fine on Linux Ubuntu Mate until…

I dismounted the USB stick and inserted it into my Intel/Nvidia/Win7 machine. Everything worked perfectly fine, and still does, on that machine.

I don’t know what I am looking at:

Did Windoze restrict my file acess to files that were CREATED with Linux?

Two instances of KiCad running. The one on the left is off the USB, the one on the right is off the Hard Drive on the Linux machine. The one on the left will NOT open the DataSheet (it used to), and the one on the right opens the DataSheet just fine, as shown.

No intentional trickery was done with the image. As files opened I moved things around on the screen for visibility issues for the screen grab.

Last I checked, twice, the DataSheet WILL open with the USB file in Windoze 7.

Screen grab of extended Project Manager windows.

Again, nothing is intentionally hidden in the screen grab. The files are NOT 100% identical, as shown by the different footprint assignments. I may attempt to change the footprint assignments to be identical, but I really think the isssue is a result of installing the USB stick into the Windoze machine.

Due to the complexity of this effort, it was not always obvious to keep track of what had changed.

Windoze was handling the USB Stick just fine.

Linux was NOT handling the USB Stick.

Using GParted to change the Label properties of the USB stick from “MOBILE UFD” to MOBILE_UFD" fixed the issue; the change being a space character to an underscore character.

Interesting as it was originally fine on Mate. I think I read M$ has opened up NTFS. Did you originally use a space in the Linux user space?

Paragon have mainlined their NTFS driver, which is suppose to be feature complete

This comment is interesting to me.

Due to the effort involved in this process, I thought that I had somehow just made a mistake in my workflow. Now, I have to re-state that I believe I really did test working off the USB with Linux, before having it NOT work after plugging into the Win machine. My Win machine is now powered OFF most of the time.

I only turned my Win machine ON for compatibily testing. This is why I’m getting a little bit confused on what actually happend.

Anyways, what I’m doing is not exactly hard, but it requires 100% accuracy in every detail.

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