Quick way to toggle visibility of objects

greetings fellows KiCaders,
lately i’m doing some intensive Freecad work and i fear i’ve become addicted to the quick way to toggle the visibility of objects.
When on KiCad i’m automaticaly pressing the spacebar wandering for a couple of seconds why stuff does not disappear :slight_smile:.

Is there a easy ‘fix’ here in KC (hotkey)? if not, does someone think that this could be a reasonable feature request?

Fastest way i found: keep the properties manager visible, hover trough the list of properties, uncheck box.

Have you tried pressing H a few times ?

“…This is not the hotkey you’re looking for (waves hand)…” cit.

I’m looking for the fastest way to set the visibility of one object like ‘References’ in PCB editor or ‘Value’ or ‘Footprint’ in schematic editor. an hotkey would be perfect but i could not find a proper match…

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I think switching off visibility of one object is so rare case…
When at PCB I don’t want to see References and Values I switch them all off.
If footprint is a kind that you need not to see its ref or value (like for example hole) I have visibility of this texts switched off in library so then need not to do it later individually.
The only case I rememeber I had to switch value at schematic off was when I had lot of the same elements with long value text that I couldn’t find enough room at schematic for them all so I switched value off (in one symbol) and copied that symbol several times and added at schematic text like “16 * XXXXXXXX”.
For me it is so rare case (since 2017 I have done it 2 or 3 times) that I can do it without hotkey for that.

Texts can be turned on and off using “Objects” in the Appearance Panel on the RHS of the PCB editor.

Ah I see, bit like Tab in Solidwork, it hides the part the mouse pointer is over. Not really sure of the use case in KiCad . . . it would also become more complex with overlapping objects, what then ? long left click, then move to object in list and Hotkey to hide ?

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I usually do very dense boards, and the tedious job of rearranging and choosing which ref.des. can fit the silkscreen takes me always a lot of ‘clicks’ and whipping the mouse around to hide the stuff that doesn’t fit. having a quick route to hide the refdes (or other graphic items) maybe can speed up the process.

the fastest method i’ve found is using the properties manager, but clicks and mouse miles adds up.

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Pressing delete will hide required footprint texts (i.e. text fields that can’t be deleted, like a footprint’s reference designator, will be hidden instead of deleted). Unfortunately it will actually delete non-required fields.

IMO it would be a pretty reasonable feature request to add an action to toggle visibility of selected object. Doesn’t need a default hotkey.


Now I understand your need. If you place refs at silkscreen (I don’t) and have no room for all then you really need a way to fast switch it on/off.