Question marks near global labels v6

Why the question marks near global labels ??

Sheet reference

select the ? press e
double click the ?

Thanks for the reply jos.

I wake up this morning and the question marks have disappeared. How frustrating.

I assume on a top-level (root) hierarchical sheet one should use hierarchical labels inside the boxes and global labels outside the boxes ?

See my picture…

Screenshot 2022-03-11 06:25:55

I wouldn’t be frustrated if I would wake up in the morning and my problems would have disappeared. :slight_smile:


Until next time it happens !

You have a different problem as well: your global labels are inputs, but your hierachical labels are outputs.
That won’t work.

I won’t generally comment on your labelling, but Vdd - 3V3 is misundestandable to say the least

I can confirm that I created another few of these global labels this morning and the same thing happened. A little light blue question mark … All I did was save the document and exit all Kicad programs and then start them up again.

The question marks have disappeared.

ML9104 you are saying that the global labels should not be the same name as the port labels (hierarchy labels) ?

3V3 is 3V3 all throughout the circuit board. Why create a new name ?

No, not at all. You can name your nets as you like. But your global hierachical labels conflict.
Example: MCLR-7(global) is an input to your part, but your local MCLR-7 is an output.
To put it very simply: you have two arrows pointing towards each other. That won’t work.

maybe he is in cahoots with the chip manufacturers :rofl:

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