Question for N. American KiCAD users: US-based board houses?

So I’ve been having JLCPCB make my boards, but shipping delays between mainland China and the first transit point in Japan are becoming increasingly intolerable. My latest order rolled off the line Sunday and finally reached ‘international shipment release’ stage this morning, only for the status to change this evening to ‘delayed - outside (shipper’s) control’…

So, I’m open for suggestions for which board houses that are based in North America that I could use going forward.

Yes, there’s OSHspark, but I’m not fond of their color options - purple, purple, purple, purple, or purple. Not when all the other completed boards in my project are green.

I know of 4pcb, but I see some fairly recent negative reviews about their customer service that makes me leery of having them quote anything for me.

So… suggestions?

Friend of KiCad Aisler offers US-based prototyping

They also have a plugin for KiCad that makes this ordering simple and helps support KiCad’s development.


Yeah, OSHPark seems to have the early Ford model of coloring products. The customer can get any color they want as long as the color is Purple. :wink:

I’ve used Bay Area Circuits before, but as I recall they are a little higher price than OSHPark. It’s been long ago enough that I don’t recall their capabilities.

Are you looking for bare PCBs or PCB+Assembly?

I have used Aisler, MacroFab and CircutHub for PCB+Assembly in the last six months with Kicad.

Just looking for bare PCBs as I have the tools etc. to do the assembly myself during downtime at work.

I will definitely keep Aisler in mind the next time I need some boards made. If the boards end up being produced over on the continent, I’m sure there would be far fewer annoying delays getting the boards from there to my doorstep!

As of Thursday night / Friday morning, the boards are only as far as the Anchorage hub. Sigh.

USA is quite big and I’m guessing there must be 100+ PCB manufacturers over there. (Unless they also have all merged together into some conglomorate).

A simple search:

brings up results like:

But I’m from the EU myself and don’t have any experience with them.

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