Question concerning Copper Areas

Hello, I have observed the following behaviour when combining several copper areas:
The graphic result depends on Priority and Net Assignment and is OK.
But when I use the SAME Prio&Net the areas are automatically merged and the result looks different as now only one plane-parameter setting is applied.
Of course there are enough priority levels to get the desired result but I would like to know:
Is this an intended feature ?

Greetings from Germany, Chris9

It was this way at least since version 4 (more than 3 years now). I would guess it never bothered somebody enough to change it. I doubt anyone will remember the original justification for this feature.
My guess would be that in the past the zone drawing tools where not as powerful so combining different zones might have been a good way to draw complex shapes.

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OK, maybe it will be useful someday :thinking: Thank you

Interesting. I really want to test how this feature works between the two zones; and to test it with SMD and PTH parts and compare the pour zone thermal reliefs.

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