Question about this Err type : could not find valid layer for pad


I turned .pcbdoc into kicad file.
then once I opened it. this error was occurred (right side of picture)
I opened kicad pcb file using text editor. but I couldn’t find any problems.
this error told me USB-20 has invalid layer, but I think there’s no wrong layer…

So I want you guys give me any advice
Thanks for reading.

You have pads on edge cuts. This is wrong.

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Thanks Rene
I changed Edge.cuts to F.mask F.paste
then It works well !

Was there a reason why you placed it on edge cuts?

Actually I don’t know why this is placed on edge cuts.
this is not my pcb, I received this file from another company to see some IC’s footprints.
I just convert it from altium format to Kicad format using external tool.

You might want to double check the original intention as that toll might have screwed up somewhere (Could it be that the part needs a non plated slot?)

This is the layout of demo board.
It has 4 holes for screws
but I don’t think this is the reason
It looks like below

a USB has 2 PTH for mounting.
maybe this is the reason as far as I think

It might be that altium or the altium converter script do not know how to deal with plated slots. Give the two pads with number 4 the type plated through hole and the slot size (drill size with drill type set to oval) as suggested by the datasheet of the component. (or use the size as defined by the old edge cuts pads as the slot size.)


sorry that I can not understand exactly what you said.
could you tell me the example code ?
and what is the old edge? ( I don’t know what the old edge means )
thanks for advice.

the dimensions of the pad that was wrongly put onto the edge cuts layers.

Open the usb footprint in the footprint editor and change the pads with number 4 to this: (Leave the position settings as they are now.)

To be honest the pad looks a bit strange right now as the copper restring is not equal all around. You might want to double check it against the datasheet.

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