Question about Silkscreen/Text. The actual font size does not match Text Width & Height values

When submitting a design to a board house, I learned that the font size I chose 25x25x5 wasn’t actually that size. Please see the attached screenshot for details.

When I draw a box of 25x25mil, the Font size that fits in that box is ~35x20.

KiCad v8.0.2, Linux
Font=KiCad Font

Perhaps there is something I don’t understand about the KiCad text properties. Or there is a better font to use that matches these settings?

Thanks for any help,

KiCad font is not monospace, so different letters will have different widths. Text height/width are the multiplicative factors for the strokes. Generally, the lowercase x will fit within the 1.0 box, uppercase letters are about 1.2x as high as the box. Adding diacritics will change this as well.

You can look for equal area fonts. These are ones where each letter is the same height and width. Ones like Artist, Azoft, Kravitz, HeadHuman, Unica and others

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None of these fonts are in my KiCad available fonts, or even system fonts. I’m confused by the variety of options for converting fonts and getting them into KiCad. Any recommended approaches would be appreciated.

KiCad shows you system fonts as well as its single built-in font. If you want a specialized font, you will need to down and install it on your system. will show you a bunch