Question about routing

I\m just now getting close to setting up to try to do the placement so I can try some autorouting, but I recall that on my old tool (from back in the days when through hole was still kind of important) you needed to specify if you wanted front or back copper to route preferentially horizontal tracks, vertical tracks or both. I haven’t gone through the menus exhaustively but I don’t see a place to make such a setting in Pcbnew. Now I “get” that with all the fine pitch parts hobbling routing optimization, that issue may not be quite as relevant an issue today, but still I figure I ought to be seeing such a setting even if just for the manual interactive router, I guess I’d expect it to be in the layers manager but I don’t see it, am I just looking in the wrong place? Or does the question need further clarification?

There is no autorouting included in KiCad

You can change the pitch of the trace from the pad by using the “/” Hotkey.

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