Question about ngspice

Hi guys! I followed the youtube tutorial on ngspice from:

but I can’t get my KiCad simulator to work. I get “Error: vector time not found!”. I am sorry if the question is already answered, I did not see it anywhere. I think the answer lies in the comments for setting the time. I am using the transient analysis option.

OS: Windows 7 Pro, VMware, Windows 7 Pro host.
Leads to:
which suggests a typo in the “time” net as a hint to look further into.
I needed about 2 minutes to do that, did not read the whole KiCad post.

Unfortunately that does not applies for me. Since I am new to the simulator, I think I am missing some of the steps.

Here is my netlist

title KiCad schematic
U4 /PowerSupply/Vin Net-_D5-Pad1_ GND +3V3 GND LM2596S-3.3
D5 Net-_D5-Pad1_ GND 1n5824 or SK56
L4 Net-_D5-Pad1_ +3V3 33uF
C7 +3V3 GND 220uF
C4 /PowerSupply/Vin GND 680uF
J1 Net-_D6-Pad2_ Net-_D6-Pad1_ Unregulated_DC_Input
D4 Net-_D4-Pad1_ GND 1n5824 or SK56
L3 Net-_D4-Pad1_ +5V 33uF
C6 +5V GND 220uF
C3 /PowerSupply/Vin GND 680uF
U3 /PowerSupply/Vin Net-_D4-Pad1_ GND +5V GND LM2596S-5
D3 Net-_D3-Pad1_ GND 1n5824 or SK56
L2 Net-_D3-Pad1_ +12V 33uF
C5 +12V GND 220uF
C2 /PowerSupply/Vin GND 680uF
U2 /PowerSupply/Vin Net-_D3-Pad1_ GND +12V GND LM2596S-12
D1 Net-_D1-Pad1_ GND 1n5824 or SK56
L1 Net-_D1-Pad1_ +24V 33uF
C8 +24V GND 220uF
C1 /PowerSupply/Vin GND 680uF
U1 /PowerSupply/Vin Net-_D1-Pad1_ GND +24V GND LM2596S-ADJ
R2 GND Net-_C9-Pad2_ 1k
R1 Net-_C9-Pad2_ +24V 18k
C9 +24V Net-_C9-Pad2_ 470uF
D2 Net-_D2-Pad1_ Net-_D2-Pad2_ Net-_D2-Pad3_ Net-_D2-Pad4_ Gretz bridge rectifier
J2 Net-_J2-Pad1_ Net-_J2-Pad2_ Unregulated_AC_Input
K1 GND Net-_D2-Pad2_ Net-_D6-Pad2_ NC_01 Net-_D2-Pad1_ Net-_D6-Pad1_ Net-_D6-Pad1_ Net-_D6-Pad2_ RT42xAxx
T1 Net-_J2-Pad2_ Net-_J2-Pad1_ Net-_D2-Pad4_ Net-_D2-Pad3_ Transformer_1P_1S
D6 Net-_D6-Pad1_ Net-_D6-Pad2_ 25VDC
U5 Net-_R4-Pad1_ /MCU/RA0 Net-_J10-Pad2_ Net-_J10-Pad3_ Net-_J10-Pad4_ Net-_J10-Pad5_ Net-_J10-Pad6_ /MCU/RE0 Net-_J5-Pad2_ Net-_J5-Pad1_ +5V GND GND GND /MCU/RC0 Net-_J12-Pad2_ Net-_J12-Pad3_ Net-_J12-Pad4_ NC_02 NC_03 NC_04 NC_05 Net-_J12-Pad5_ Net-_J12-Pad6_ /MCU/MCU_TX /MCU/MCU_RX NC_06 NC_07 NC_08 NC_09 GND +5V /MCU/RB0 NC_10 NC_11 Net-_J11-Pad4_ NC_12 NC_13 Net-_J11-Pad7_ Net-_J11-Pad8_ PIC16F877A-IP - only headers no IC
R3 +5V Net-_R3-Pad2_ 10k
R4 Net-_R4-Pad1_ Net-_R3-Pad2_ 1k
SW1 GND Net-_R3-Pad2_ SW_Push
K2 Net-_J3-Pad1_ NC_14 NC_15 GND Net-_J3-Pad2_ Net-_J3-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J3 Net-_J3-Pad1_ Net-_J3-Pad2_ AC_Device
K4 Net-_J6-Pad1_ NC_16 NC_17 GND Net-_J6-Pad2_ Net-_J6-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J6 Net-_J6-Pad1_ Net-_J6-Pad2_ AC_Device
K6 Net-_J8-Pad1_ NC_18 NC_19 GND Net-_J8-Pad2_ Net-_J8-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J8 Net-_J8-Pad1_ Net-_J8-Pad2_ AC_Device
K8 Net-_J13-Pad1_ NC_20 NC_21 GND Net-_J13-Pad2_ Net-_J13-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J13 Net-_J13-Pad1_ Net-_J13-Pad2_ AC_Device
K10 Net-_J15-Pad1_ NC_22 NC_23 GND Net-_J15-Pad2_ Net-_J15-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J15 Net-_J15-Pad1_ Net-_J15-Pad2_ AC_Device
K11 Net-_J16-Pad1_ NC_24 NC_25 GND Net-_J16-Pad2_ Net-_J16-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J16 Net-_J16-Pad1_ Net-_J16-Pad2_ AC_Device
K12 Net-_J17-Pad1_ NC_26 NC_27 GND Net-_J17-Pad2_ Net-_J17-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J17 Net-_J17-Pad1_ Net-_J17-Pad2_ AC_Device
K13 Net-_J18-Pad1_ NC_28 NC_29 GND Net-_J18-Pad2_ Net-_J18-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J18 Net-_J18-Pad1_ Net-_J18-Pad2_ AC_Device
K3 Net-_J4-Pad1_ NC_30 NC_31 GND Net-_J4-Pad2_ Net-_J4-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J4 Net-_J4-Pad1_ Net-_J4-Pad2_ AC_Device
K5 Net-_J7-Pad1_ NC_32 NC_33 GND Net-_J7-Pad2_ Net-_J7-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J7 Net-_J7-Pad1_ Net-_J7-Pad2_ AC_Device
K7 Net-_J9-Pad1_ NC_34 NC_35 GND Net-_J9-Pad2_ Net-_J9-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J9 Net-_J9-Pad1_ Net-_J9-Pad2_ AC_Device
K9 Net-_J14-Pad1_ NC_36 NC_37 GND Net-_J14-Pad2_ Net-_J14-Pad2_ Y14x-1C-xxDS
J14 Net-_J14-Pad1_ Net-_J14-Pad2_ AC_Device
J12 /MCU/RC0 Net-_J12-Pad2_ Net-_J12-Pad3_ Net-_J12-Pad4_ Net-_J12-Pad5_ Net-_J12-Pad6_ /MCU/MCU_TX /MCU/MCU_RX MCU_PORTC
J11 /MCU/RB0 NC_38 NC_39 Net-_J11-Pad4_ NC_40 NC_41 Net-_J11-Pad7_ Net-_J11-Pad8_ MCU_PORTB
J10 /MCU/RA0 Net-_J10-Pad2_ Net-_J10-Pad3_ Net-_J10-Pad4_ Net-_J10-Pad5_ Net-_J10-Pad6_ MCU_PORTA
J5 Net-_J5-Pad1_ Net-_J5-Pad2_ /MCU/RE0 MCU_PORTE
U6 +5V GND NC_42 NC_43 +3V3 GND NC_44 NC_45 NC_46 NC_47 NC_48 NC_49 NC_50 NC_51 NC_52 +3V3 GND /MCU/MCU_RX /MCU/MCU_TX NC_53 NC_54 NC_55 NC_56 GND +3V3 NC_57 NC_58 NC_59 NC_60 NC_61 NodeMCU_DevelopmentBoard
IC1 NC_62 NC_63 NC_64 NC_65 NC_66 NC_67 NC_68 NC_69 DCTR-52DA
R6 Net-_R5-Pad2_ Net-_R6-Pad2_ 2.5k
R5 GND Net-_R5-Pad2_ 6k
D16 Net-_D16-Pad1_ +5V LED
C10 +5V GND 10uF Aluminium Electrolytic
D7 Net-_D7-Pad1_ +5V LED
D8 Net-_D8-Pad1_ +5V LED
D9 Net-_D9-Pad1_ +5V LED
D10 Net-_D10-Pad1_ +5V LED
D11 Net-_D11-Pad1_ +5V LED
D12 Net-_D12-Pad1_ +5V LED
D13 Net-_D13-Pad1_ +5V LED
D14 Net-_D14-Pad1_ +5V LED
D15 Net-_D15-Pad1_ +5V LED
R7 NC_70 Net-_R7-Pad2_ 10k
U7 Net-_D16-Pad1_ GND +12V GND Net-_R7-Pad2_ Net-_R6-Pad2_ Net-_R6-Pad2_ Net-_R5-Pad2_ +12V Net-_D7-Pad1_ Net-_D8-Pad1_ Net-_D9-Pad1_ Net-_D10-Pad1_ Net-_D11-Pad1_ Net-_D12-Pad1_ Net-_D13-Pad1_ Net-_D14-Pad1_ Net-_D15-Pad1_ LM3914-LM_ICs
SW2 +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V NC_71 NC_72 NC_73 NC_74 NC_75 NC_76 NC_77 NC_78 NC_79 NC_80 NC_81 NC_82 SW_DIP_x12
K14 Net-_D18-Pad1_ Net-_K14-Pad12_ Net-_K14-Pad14_ GND Net-_K14-Pad14_ Net-_K14-Pad12_ +12V Net-_D17-Pad2_ RT42xAxx
M1 Net-_K14-Pad12_ Net-_K14-Pad14_ Motor_DC
Q1 /MotorControl/MotorDirectionControl GND Net-_D17-Pad2_ IRLZ34N
K15 +12V +12V Net-_D20-Pad2_ Net-_D18-Pad1_ Net-_D18-Pad1_ +12V DIPxx-1Axx-11x
R8 /MotorControl/MotorDirectionControl GND 1k
Q2 /MotorControl/MotorPowerSupply GND Net-_D20-Pad2_ IRLZ34N
R9 /MotorControl/MotorPowerSupply GND 1k
D17 +12V Net-_D17-Pad2_ 1N4007
D20 +12V Net-_D20-Pad2_ 1N4007
D19 +12V Net-_D18-Pad1_ 1N4007
D18 Net-_D18-Pad1_ GND D
U11 Net-_D21-Pad1_ Net-_R14-Pad2_ Net-_C11-Pad1_ NC_83 NC_84 LM358
R14 VDC Net-_R14-Pad2_ 100k
R17 Net-_R14-Pad2_ Net-_D21-Pad1_ 100k
R15 Net-_R14-Pad2_ GND 100k
R19 Net-_C11-Pad1_ Net-_D21-Pad2_ 1MEGA
R20 Net-_C11-Pad1_ Net-_D22-Pad1_ 100k
C11 Net-_C11-Pad1_ GND 0.001uF
D22 Net-_D22-Pad1_ Net-_D21-Pad1_ 1N4148
D21 Net-_D21-Pad1_ Net-_D21-Pad2_ 1N4148
R10 Net-_R10-Pad1_ GND 10k
R11 /Amplifiers/+Vout Net-_R10-Pad1_ 1MEGA
R22 Net-_R22-Pad1_ NC_85 100k
R23 Net-_R22-Pad1_ NC_86 100k
R24 Net-_R24-Pad1_ NC_87 100k
R25 Net-_R24-Pad1_ NC_88 100k
U8 /Amplifiers/+Vout Net-_R10-Pad1_ NC_89 GND Net-_R22-Pad1_ Net-_R24-Pad1_ Net-_R30-Pad2_ +5V LM358
R26 GND Net-_R22-Pad1_ 100k
R30 Net-_R24-Pad1_ Net-_R30-Pad2_ 100k
U9 Net-_Q3-Pad1_ Net-_R12-Pad1_ Net-_R13-Pad1_ GND +5V LM358
R12 Net-_R12-Pad1_ GND 100k
R13 Net-_R13-Pad1_ NC_90 91k
R16 Net-_Q3-Pad3_ Net-_R12-Pad1_ 910k
Q3 Net-_Q3-Pad1_ +5V Net-_Q3-Pad3_ 2n3054
R21 Net-_Q3-Pad3_ GND R
U15 Net-_R34-Pad2_ Net-_R29-Pad1_ Net-_R28-Pad1_ LM358
R34 Net-_Q5-Pad1_ Net-_R34-Pad2_ 100
Q5 Net-_Q5-Pad1_ Net-_LA2-Pad1_ GND 2n3055
LA2 Net-_LA2-Pad1_ +5V Lamp
U10 Net-_R18-Pad1_ NC_91 NC_92 GND +5V LM358
R28 Net-_R28-Pad1_ NC_93 R
R29 Net-_R29-Pad1_ +3V3 R
U14 Net-_R32-Pad1_ Net-_R31-Pad2_ Net-_R27-Pad2_ Net-_BT2-Pad2_ Net-_BT2-Pad1_ LM358
R33 Net-_Q4-Pad1_ Net-_R32-Pad1_ 100
Q4 Net-_Q4-Pad1_ Net-_LA1-Pad1_ GND 2n3055
LA1 Net-_LA1-Pad1_ +5V Lamp
R31 GND Net-_R31-Pad2_ 500k
R32 Net-_R32-Pad1_ Net-_R31-Pad2_ 1MEGA
R27 NC_94 Net-_R27-Pad2_ 91k
R18 Net-_R18-Pad1_ GND 240
U13 NC_95 Net-_R18-Pad1_ NC_96 4011
U12 Net-_U12-Pad1_ Net-_U12-Pad1_ NC_97 GND +5V LM358
R35 /Chargers/LM358_Out GND 1k
U18 Net-_R42-Pad2_ Net-_BT2-Pad2_ Net-_R38-Pad1_ LM358
Q6 /Chargers/LM358_Out Net-_D23-Pad2_ GND IRLZ34N
BT1 Net-_BT1-Pad1_ GND Battery_Cell
K16 Net-_BT1-Pad1_ Net-_D23-Pad2_ Net-_D23-Pad1_ /Chargers/4.182V /Chargers/4.182V Net-_BT1-Pad1_ DIPxx-1Axx-11x
D23 Net-_D23-Pad1_ Net-_D23-Pad2_ 1N4148
D24 Net-_D24-Pad1_ GND 1n5824 or SK56
L5 Net-_D24-Pad1_ /Chargers/4.182V 33uF
C13 /Chargers/4.182V GND 220uF
C12 /Chargers/Vin GND 680uF
U16 /Chargers/Vin Net-_D24-Pad1_ GND /Chargers/4.182V GND LM2596S-ADJ
R37 GND Net-_C14-Pad2_ 1k
R36 Net-_C14-Pad2_ /Chargers/4.182V 2.4k
C14 /Chargers/4.182V Net-_C14-Pad2_ 470uF
U19 Net-_D26-Pad1_ Net-_R39-Pad1_ Net-_BT2-Pad2_ LM358
R44 Net-_D26-Pad1_ Net-_D27-Pad2_ 1.5k
U17 NC_98 Net-_BT1-Pad1_ NC_99 LM358
R42 Net-_D25-Pad1_ Net-_R42-Pad2_ 1.5k
R43 Net-_R42-Pad2_ Net-_D26-Pad2_ 1k
R40 Net-_D27-Pad2_ Net-_BT2-Pad2_ 1.5k
R38 Net-_R38-Pad1_ Net-_R38-Pad2_ 10k
R39 Net-_R39-Pad1_ Net-_R39-Pad2_ 10k
D25 Net-_D25-Pad1_ Net-_BT2-Pad1_ LED
D26 Net-_D26-Pad1_ Net-_D26-Pad2_ LED
D27 Net-_BT2-Pad2_ Net-_D27-Pad2_ LED
RV1 Net-_BT2-Pad1_ Net-_R39-Pad2_ Net-_BT2-Pad2_ 10k
RV2 Net-_BT2-Pad1_ Net-_R38-Pad2_ Net-_BT2-Pad2_ 10k
BT2 Net-_BT2-Pad1_ Net-_BT2-Pad2_ 3.7V
R41 Net-_BT2-Pad1_ Net-_D25-Pad1_ 1.5k
.save @d5[id]
.save @l4[i]
.save @c7[i]
.save @c4[i]
.save @d4[id]
.save @l3[i]
.save @c6[i]
.save @c3[i]
.save @d3[id]
.save @l2[i]
.save @c5[i]
.save @c2[i]
.save @d1[id]
.save @l1[i]
.save @c8[i]
.save @c1[i]
.save @r2[i]
.save @r1[i]
.save @c9[i]
.save @d2[id]
.save @d6[id]
.save @r3[i]
.save @r4[i]
.save @r6[i]
.save @r5[i]
.save @d16[id]
.save @c10[i]
.save @d7[id]
.save @d8[id]
.save @d9[id]
.save @d10[id]
.save @d11[id]
.save @d12[id]
.save @d13[id]
.save @d14[id]
.save @d15[id]
.save @r7[i]
.save @m1[ig]
.save @m1[id]
.save @m1[is]
.save @q1[ib]
.save @q1[ic]
.save @q1[ie]
.save @r8[i]
.save @q2[ib]
.save @q2[ic]
.save @q2[ie]
.save @r9[i]
.save @d17[id]
.save @d20[id]
.save @d19[id]
.save @d18[id]
.save @r14[i]
.save @r17[i]
.save @r15[i]
.save @r19[i]
.save @r20[i]
.save @c11[i]
.save @d22[id]
.save @d21[id]
.save @r10[i]
.save @r11[i]
.save @r22[i]
.save @r23[i]
.save @r24[i]
.save @r25[i]
.save @r26[i]
.save @r30[i]
.save @r12[i]
.save @r13[i]
.save @r16[i]
.save @q3[ib]
.save @q3[ic]
.save @q3[ie]
.save @r21[i]
.save @r34[i]
.save @q5[ib]
.save @q5[ic]
.save @q5[ie]
.save @la2[i]
.save @r28[i]
.save @r29[i]
.save @r33[i]
.save @q4[ib]
.save @q4[ic]
.save @q4[ie]
.save @la1[i]
.save @r31[i]
.save @r32[i]
.save @r27[i]
.save @r18[i]
.save @r35[i]
.save @q6[ib]
.save @q6[ic]
.save @q6[ie]
.save @d23[id]
.save @d24[id]
.save @l5[i]
.save @c13[i]
.save @c12[i]
.save @r37[i]
.save @r36[i]
.save @c14[i]
.save @r44[i]
.save @r42[i]
.save @r43[i]
.save @r40[i]
.save @r38[i]
.save @r39[i]
.save @d25[id]
.save @d26[id]
.save @d27[id]
.save @rv1[i]
.save @rv2[i]
.save @r41[i]
.save V(+12V)
.save V(+24V)
.save V(+3V3)
.save V(+5V)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_0)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_1)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_10)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_11)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_12)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_2)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_3)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_4)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_5)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_6)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_7)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/DeviceFeedback_8)
.save V(/AlarmsAndSecurity/LM_3914)
.save V(/Amplifiers/+Vin)
.save V(/Amplifiers/+Vin1)
.save V(/Amplifiers/+Vin2)
.save V(/Amplifiers/+Vin3)
.save V(/Amplifiers/+Vout)
.save V(/Amplifiers/MCU0_In)
.save V(/Amplifiers/MCU_In)
.save V(/Amplifiers/ReferenceVoltage0_in)
.save V(/Amplifiers/TTL0_In)
.save V(/Amplifiers/TTL0_Out)
.save V(/Amplifiers/Vin1)
.save V(/Amplifiers/Vin2)
.save V(/Amplifiers/Vin3)
.save V(/Amplifiers/Vin4)
.save V(/Chargers/4.182V)
.save V(/Chargers/LM358_Out)
.save V(/Chargers/Vin)
.save V(/MCU/MCU_RX)
.save V(/MCU/MCU_TX)
.save V(/MCU/RA0)
.save V(/MCU/RB0)
.save V(/MCU/RB1)
.save V(/MCU/RB2)
.save V(/MCU/RB4)
.save V(/MCU/RB5)
.save V(/MCU/RC0)
.save V(/MCU/RD0)
.save V(/MCU/RD1)
.save V(/MCU/RD2)
.save V(/MCU/RD3)
.save V(/MCU/RD4)
.save V(/MCU/RD5)
.save V(/MCU/RD6)
.save V(/MCU/RD7)
.save V(/MCU/RE0)
.save V(/MotorControl/MotorDirectionControl)
.save V(/MotorControl/MotorPowerSupply)
.save V(/PowerSupply/Vin)
.save V(/WifiModule/A0)
.save V(/WifiModule/CMD)
.save V(/WifiModule/Clock)
.save V(/WifiModule/D0)
.save V(/WifiModule/D1)
.save V(/WifiModule/D2)
.save V(/WifiModule/D3)
.save V(/WifiModule/D4)
.save V(/WifiModule/D5)
.save V(/WifiModule/D6)
.save V(/WifiModule/D7)
.save V(/WifiModule/D8)
.save V(/WifiModule/EN)
.save V(/WifiModule/RST)
.save V(/WifiModule/RSV)
.save V(/WifiModule/SD0)
.save V(/WifiModule/SD1)
.save V(/WifiModule/SD2)
.save V(/WifiModule/SD3)
.save V(GND)
.save V(Net-_BT1-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_BT2-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_BT2-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_C11-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_C14-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_C9-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_D1-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D10-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D11-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D12-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D13-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D14-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D15-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D16-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D17-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_D18-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D2-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D2-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_D2-Pad3_)
.save V(Net-_D2-Pad4_)
.save V(Net-_D20-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_D21-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D21-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_D22-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D23-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D23-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_D24-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D25-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D26-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D26-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_D27-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_D3-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D4-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D5-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D6-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D6-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_D7-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D8-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_D9-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_IC1-PadC1_)
.save V(Net-_IC1-PadC2_)
.save V(Net-_IC1-PadC3_)
.save V(Net-_IC1-PadC4_)
.save V(Net-_IC1-PadC5_)
.save V(Net-_IC1-PadC6_)
.save V(Net-_IC1-PadC7_)
.save V(Net-_IC1-PadC8_)
.save V(Net-_J10-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J10-Pad3_)
.save V(Net-_J10-Pad4_)
.save V(Net-_J10-Pad5_)
.save V(Net-_J10-Pad6_)
.save V(Net-_J11-Pad4_)
.save V(Net-_J11-Pad7_)
.save V(Net-_J11-Pad8_)
.save V(Net-_J12-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J12-Pad3_)
.save V(Net-_J12-Pad4_)
.save V(Net-_J12-Pad5_)
.save V(Net-_J12-Pad6_)
.save V(Net-_J13-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J13-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J14-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J14-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J15-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J15-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J16-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J16-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J17-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J17-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J18-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J18-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J2-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J2-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J3-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J3-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J4-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J4-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J5-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J5-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J6-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J6-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J7-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J7-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J8-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J8-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_J9-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_J9-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K10-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K11-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K12-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K13-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K14-Pad12_)
.save V(Net-_K14-Pad14_)
.save V(Net-_K2-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K3-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K4-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K5-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K6-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K7-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K8-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_K9-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_LA1-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_LA2-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_Q3-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_Q3-Pad3_)
.save V(Net-_Q4-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_Q5-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R10-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R12-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R13-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R14-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R18-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R22-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R24-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R27-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R28-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R29-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R3-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R30-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R31-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R32-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R34-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R38-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R38-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R39-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R39-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R4-Pad1_)
.save V(Net-_R42-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R5-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R6-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_R7-Pad2_)
.save V(Net-_U11-Pad4_)
.save V(Net-_U11-Pad8_)
.save V(Net-_U12-Pad1_)
.save V(VDC)
.tran 100m 1


This line is not ngspice compliant.

Looking at the netlist, there seem to be more incorrect settings. The first letter in an instance line determines the device that ngspice is going to simulate (see table 2.1 on page 46 of the ngspice manual).

You have
U: Uniformly distributed RC line
T: Lossless transmission line
K: Coupled (Mutual) Inductors

I guess that’s not what you intended.

You have to prepare your circuit with ngspice compliant naming conventions for the devices.

Why not start with the circuit you have shown on the title window of the video? You may find it in KiCad/share/kicad/demos/simulation/laser_driver, ready to be loaded into eeschema and ready for simulation. You may play around with its devices, libs and parameters.

You might also have a look at the step by step approach described in .

Thanks! I will try. I am normally an “OrCad” user and trying to pass to a new simulator.

FYI, if you’re accustomed to PSpice you’ll be sorely disappointed if you use even a little bit of its features. PSpice is a far more mature circuit simulation tool than KiCad and complex circuits and advanced simulation types won’t work at all or will leave you disappointed in KiCad. I’m sure KiCad will close the gap as time goes on but right now it’s a chasm.

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