Question about .mod and .pretty files


am i right when i think that the old .mod files could contain more than one footprint?
If so, how can i convert this file to the new .pretty format with ALL the footprints? :confused:

im new to kicad and i currently try to convert my self made eagle libs to kicad libs…


It’s easy with KiCad 4.0.x. Add your .mod library to the current Fooprint table as Legacy library. Open Footprint Editor and do any unsignificant edit and save library. Footprint editor automatically ask to convert old Legacy library to the new Pretty format. Then remove .mod file from Library table and add this new Pretty library istead.
That’s all.


Thanks for the tip! worked fine :slight_smile:

Looks like this has changed slightly in version 5.1.5. Editing a component resulted in not being able to save anything. Opening and selecting the legacy library in the Footprint Editor, and immediately doing File|Save As worked for me.