Question About G5Q Relay Footprint From Kicad Library


I am using the G5Q relay from the kicad library. When I view the foot print I don’t know which one is the outline. In the image below is it the outline in grey, blue or yellow ?

Why do they also have three outlines on this footprint ?


The line colors indicate what layer the line is drawn on.

If you look at the right side menu bar of KiCad PcbNew, you will see it labeled as “Visibles”, with two tabs; you want to view the “Layer” Tab.

The Grey lines are likely on the F.CrtYd (Front.CourtYard) layer.
The Blue lines are likely on the F.SilkS (Front.SilkScreen) layer.

And, I’ve changed mine, but I think…
The Yellow lines are likely on the F.Fab (Front.Fabrication) layer.

I have a nightly, but I believe even in the stable, a “mouse over” of the colored box gives a pop-up hint of how to work with these buttons.


That depends entirely on your PCBnew settings for layer colors.
If I would open the FP it would have different colors.

Courtyard - no other device you place on your pcb should intrude into this area with it’s own courtyard area, unless you know what you’re doing. If you have to ask, you don’t know what you’re doing.

Silkscreen - placement help/quality control on the finished PCB. If there is an empty silkscreen outline or a part doesn’t align with the silkscreen there is a potential problem. Humans can spot that easily…

Part outline - physical outline of the part as the hard limit for everything. You can’t overlap those for any two parts unless you’re very experienced. Also used in prints for device location in the documentation.



Thanks for doing half the typing! :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the detailed answers !