Quality of the integrated Python console

Back to KiCAD, I would like to start scripting and I am doing my first steps with the integrated Python console (KiCAD 5.1.6, wxWidgets 3.0.4, Windows 10).
What a crap! There’s no decent completion and no decent history with the arrow keys…
The console that is provided is not what I call a decent console. Am I the only one to think so?
Would it be possible to use or to integrate a console like IPython?

Note: I love Python scripting, so I love a good interactive shell.
Does KiCAD have the console it deserves?

No, but unless someone implements something better, it is what it is. Lack of manpower, you know. I don’t think interactive scripting is very popular so it would be low in the wishlist. If you can help in some concrete way, please do.

Check on the GitLab issue tracker to see if these are already listed as wishlist items.
If not raise them, one feature per report

I don’t think interactive scripting is very popular

  • Interactive scripting is very useful to me when developing new things. It allows to make quick and easy tests with the objects that I create. I find it very efficient to develop complex programs. I run the program being developed in the IPython shell with %run program.py and I am then able to inspect and play with all the objects created, which helps in order to build the next part of the code.

After some tries:

  • I was lucky enough to work on Debian Linux, where the distribution incorporates the “pcbnew.py” module in the standard Python3 installation. So I could work with the Python pcbnew module in the IPython shell, outside of KiCAD. I was quite satisfied with this.
  • Under Windows 10, I was not that lucky and I didn’t manage to access the pcbnew module from IPython.

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