QFN package, pad too close to pad


I’ve placed a QFN package in the PCB editor but the DRC is telling me the pads are too close together. These are the actual dimensions of the package. The distance between the pads themselves(in red) is 0.15mm, which is slightly higher than the 0.127mm min trace width that JLCPCB supports. The solder mask is in purple.


Should I be concerned by this error? How are very close together pads like QFN typically dealt with?

If your manufacturer can handle .127mm minimum trace width, you should not have the DRC set to .2mm minimum.

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I went into board setup and changed the “clearance” field to 0.127mm. That fixed it.


You should rather set the clearance of the footprint to a smaller value, instead of the whole board or nets.


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