QFN footprints with problems?

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i just started to route the pcb prototype for one project and i’ve got this problem/bug with the Package_DFN_QFN:QFN-48-1EP_6x6mm_P0.4mm_EP4.66x4.66mm footprint:


I disable the shove behavior over Interactive router to be able to route, this is a bug with my footprint?

kicad v5, windows 7 64bits
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As far as I can see (almost literally, because the picture is dark) the clearances are too large both in the footprint pads and in the track. At least the the clearances of of the pads (or rather the footprint) should be changed, otherwise you will get myriads of DRC errors because every pad is too close to other pads.

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Yes, the clearance seems to be misaligned with the pads, but i don’t know if this is a problem with my kicad install or is a footprint problem

Clearance is set in your design file, so it’s neither an install nor a footprint problem.

Change the clearances, and run DRC and check you have no errors before you start routing.
Clearances can be set default/globally, and more granular by NET and PAD, but for most simple designs, a setting is enough.

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