Python within eeschema?

The v6 Roadmap includes the following (future) update for eeschema:

Refactor all schematic object code so that it can be built into a shared object for use by the schematic editor, Python module, and linked into third party programs.

The roadmap also indicates “no progress” on this task.

Does anyone have any indication that Python is still a goal during the v6 series?

If anyone wants a testing mechanism, I would volunteer to adapt KiCommand to eeschema, which uses the python API very extensively. This wouldn’t of course be 100% coverage, but it would be a decent set of unit tests that could be adapted for testing the Python API.

Does anyone know about any progress or definite plans on Python API for eeschema?

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Looks like it was pushed on V7 roadmap.

Turns out this was a miscommunication, there will be at least partial Python API in V6. We’ll get the roadmaps updated today.


The implementation of this feature still not assigned to anyone, we have to wait a little more. For sure, the internal code of this of this functionality depends of the Eeschema code organization, that have been the focus of the actual development (see v6 road map).

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