Python versions revisited

I went looking for this information and this was most relevant previous discussion.

I just worked around a problem with an external script written in 3 by using the pasteurizer tool. But it seems the author of the kicad-panelizer script must have access to a Python 3 pcbnew module.

So my questions are:

For each of 5.1.x (x≥6) and 6.x, what are the intentions re Python 2 and 3, viz:

Will a switch to 3 happen, or will modules be offered for both 2 and 3?
Will it be a codebase shift or a packager decision?

I’m just curious why 2 is still hanging on there after EOL; I’ve solved my immediate problem.

Kicad compiled with python3 is default on linux and pretty much the only option with new distributions.

On windows wxPython doesn’t compile on msys2, the environment that is currently used to build windows packages. Because of that to switch to python3 KiCad devs have to either fix wxPython build or switch to msvc completely, when will that happen is unclear.

On mac I’m pretty sure it’s just manpower problem, packagers need to do the switch.


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Sooner or later something bad is likely to happen with unmaintained Python 2.7 and it will get banned from Windows, either by MS or by the antivirus companies.

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