Python version for macOS Kicad 5.99

I believe that current nightly KiCad builds for most Unix based OS distributions now use Python 3. I also think that these builds use the system Python, which, presumably, makes it easier to import other modules. I have been trying out builds of 5.99 on macOS for some time now (v.impressed and very stable) and see that current builds are still using Python 2.

I appreciate this is not the developer forum but I can’t find any information about whether there is a plan to move to Python 3 on macOS before Version 6 is released and what factors (if any) are limiting this? I have found the recent nightlies to be very stable and solid; I would like to standardise some scripting.

On a related topic, will the Python bindings for the schematic editor be in 6 or didn’t they make the cut?

Yes, this is in progress. There are a lot of related changes that all have to go in at the same time which has made it somewhat complicated, but I think Adam is pretty close to having testing builds.

Still planned for V6


Great news. I have been really impressed with the advances being made with 5.99. I have been downloading them every couple of weeks to check and the progress has been fantastic - really solid with no flakiness. Keep up the good work!

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