Python scripting console not working with multiple line pastes

For some reason if I paste the following into the python scripting console:

x = 1
y = 1

Only ‘x=1’ is actually being executed.

Anyone got any ideas?

what happens when you execute?:

print x,y

Or do you mean, the interpreter stops at ‘x=1’ and really ignores the remainder?
When you’re putting the lines into the command window, do you end the lines with [ENTER] or with [SHIFT]+[ENTER]?

Sorry I mean the interpreter stops at ‘x=1’ and ignores the rest.

I’m hitting return after pasting.

If I press shift+return or shift+enter, I just get a pop-up combo-box type thing.

Damn, the build I grabbed currently is one where the console doesn’t work… LOL, will take me while till I found one that has a working console (BZR6403).

If you put the script in - line by line - it should work, no?

Reinstalled BZR6097 as the ones that are available currently (BZR6403 - BZR6538) have a broken python console for me…

If I use Paste Plus, the whole 3 lines are executed and the print result is there.
If I just use Paste, then the whole thing looks like in WingIDE to me and I would expect an [ENTER] would execute, but nothing happens.
Only after executing

print a

again, it shows me that the first lines have been executed.

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Cheers for taking the time to test that out.

Ooh awesome, I’d not seen the Paste Plus item before, that works great!

It seems really strange though why simply pasting doesn’t seem to work.

I don’t know why either… at least it’s taking in the lines and executes them with bare pasting, just no output to console it seems.
Maybe some of the devs sees this and drops an explanation, at least it works.