Python path for scripting console, plugins

I’m trying to import a dxf to a copper fill (like at 9:51 of this youtube video:

I’ve cloned this to ~/.config/kicad/scripting/plugins on an ubuntu 20.0 virtual machine.

I then try to run the script (which imports stuff like from neighbouring sub-directories) in the kicad scripting console and get

ModuleNotFoundError: no module named ‘bulge’

so I added

export PYTHONPATH="$(printf “%s:” /home/x/.config/kicad/scripting/plugins/*/)"

to the .bashrc file.

These directories are successfully added to the system python path list, but the kicad python console still can’t find any of the modules that wants to import.

BTW: I know that I’m using python3 and that the kicad mmccoo stuff is for python2, but python2 has its own problems now that its deprecated.

Let’s see if we can get @mmccoo to chime in. He isn’t a regular in terms of daily use but we do see him from time to time.

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