Python for footprint editor?

Is there any Python access to the footprint editor?

I see that pcbnew C++ source files seem to indicate some support for the footprint editor.

Is there something equivalent to the pcbnew Python class, but allows scripting while in the foot print editor?

I’m interested in this, too. I would like to play with some enhancement ideas for the fp editor, it would be much easier to start with python.

There are footprint wizard files here.

Some built in python scripts here.

It looks like some of these create a module from within pcbnew. I just released a version of KiCommand that has unit tests for testing adding modules and pads. But nothing to directly integrate with the footprint editor.

The wizards inherit a certain class and are limited. I can open and edit a footprint file in python:

import pcbnew
footpr = pcbnew.FootprintLoad("/path/to/fprints.pretty", “MY_FOOTPRINT”)

Or I can find a footprint in a board. but I can’t manipulate a footprint through the footprint editor “board”. Apparently there’s no GetFootprintBoard() or anything similar, like there is GetBoard() for the opened pcb board?

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