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in FreeCad there is a very usefull funcionality called “report view” this is a windows that shows all the commands that are runned while using the program

If the same could be done on kicad it would be easier to write scripts

while i am here, how can i hide layers via python?

I’m not sure if that would be useful because KiCad doesn’t have macros, i.e. UI actions can’t be scripted. Scripting is limited to a relatively low level API calls which don’t cover all functionality.

okkk I understand, i tried to look into the docs but i wasn’t able to find how to hide the layers, could you help? or could you link me where to find the information

That, too, belongs to the UI which can’t be manipulated with the scripting API.
EDIT: I may be wrong here, I don’t know the scripting API well.
EDIT: I was wrong, see LayerViewSet (main thread) - a python script for manipulating visible layers.

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General tip: one question per thread. Otherwise, you will get multiple discussions going that will just be confusing.

Simplified explanation:

Freecad is build quite differently to KiCad. Freecad uses python as the interface between the core program and all its toolsets. This means every button you click in freecad goes through this python interface. This is done because freecad focuses on extendability. Their philosophy is that they build a stable core that has a minimal feature set and everything else is done by the different toolsets that interface using python.

In KiCad both the core and the interface are written in c++ and there is therefore not the same drive to have a good python interface as is necessary for freecad. KiCad simply does not focus this much on extendability.


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