[python API] Pcbnew find which module (if any) is selected

I am starting to fiddle with python scripting in pcbnew and I can’t seem to find if there is a way to find which module (f any) is selected in pcbnew from phyton scripting console?

I’ve found a class MODULE_List with method IsSelected but I don’t know how to use it. It is highly likely that the problem is with me as I have a weak background in OO programing.

Any help will be appreciated.

You might be able to use KiCommand instead of python. If you need example code, KiCommand has lots in the python code.

In python:

selectedmodules = filter(lambda x: x.IsSelected(),pcbnew.GetBoard().GetModules())
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Woa this was fast. Thank you very much.

I’ll certainly look at KiCommand, but mostly as a code example, as I am trying to put a GUI around replicatelayout.py.

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For a GUI, look at wxFormBuilder.

There is code in KiCommand to create a dockable window (and in LayerViewSet as well).

Good luck!!