Puzzled by track too close error

I find this puzzling.


You’ve got a small leftover track segment uder the pad 4 where the red arrow points to. You can for example use the Layers Manager/Items to hide all footprints to see it.

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Well done!


I like to show pads in outline and sometimes tracks too, to make it easier to see these track fragments

That’s an easier trick.

It’s possible to make pads semi-transparent which makes it easier to see tracks behind copper pads, but holes are opaque black. I added a wishlist bug report for making it configurable. https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1840177


Yes. That is what I too would suspect at the very outset.

Try deleting orphan tracks. Edit–> Clean up tracks and Vias


Guess your problem would vanish.

The Items panel on the right hand side too is phenomenal… The other day, I was searching for micros and all it took me to Hide all items except Micros 10 secs., I caught hold of the last Micro I was desperately looking for

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