Push and shove stopped working

Hi all. I’ve been using 5.1.4 on the Mac with no problem for a few weeks now.

Suddenly push and shove routing is working very sporadically for me and at this point I can’t seem to drag an existing trace or via in shove mode. I can lay down new traces and shove mode seems to work most of the time.

I’ve double-checked my settings but can’t seem to get it to work reliably.

Is there some mode that I accidentally triggered that causes drag to stop shoving?

EDIT: Ok, so I haven’t trained my fingers properly. Shove works splendidly when triggered via D keystroke, but not G keystroke.

Does the Hotkey “d” work (after selecting a track segment)?

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve learned that shove works when you use D to drag, but not G.

I know that a Windoze version close in date with the 5.1.4 release required use of the Hotkeys.

Note: The “g” Hotkey may not work if the preference to only allow 45 and 90 degree traces is selected.

My solution was to upgrade to a Windoze 5.1.x nightly build. Read the FAQ first and do so your own risk; if even there is something similar for Mac builds.

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