Push and shove routing needs some work

Cough, cough. I routed MISO second and at first the other trace moved out of the way but then snapped back and let me run right through it. I keep seeing this, the push and shove makes the best decision but then changes it’s mind again.

Give the example board file here. Otherwise it may be too difficult to reproduce.

routing error.kicad_pcb (481.4 KB)

I actually had similar some years ago with the now defunct autorouter. I don’t think the board makes much difference. It’s just the tunning of the push and shove settings.

The download of your board does not work for me. It says:

Does this short circuit show up in the DRC errors?
What happens after a redraw ? (Zoom in/out).

Which KiCad version?

version 5.1.5

I have completed the routing now. Not sure why it won’t download, not me hosting it :blush:

A few minutes later I had the same error with another post.
Seems it may be forum related.

If you’ve found a fix or workaround, please post, as it may be interesting for others searching this forum.

What does DRC say about the result ?
If the trace at first moved correctly, it seems the shove engine is ok, but either the display gets out of phase, or the ‘finally accept’ part of shove is missing what looks to be a clear violation.

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