Push a trace included netclasse

Hello there,

I want to know why when I start to push a new trace with a specific width defined in netclass for that net in particularly, the track doesn’t come with that with. It is always
necessary after tracing, right click on the trace and consider “use net class width” ?

Look at the two buttons in the top toolbar (just south of the menu).


The leftmost determines the track width of new nets, it currently is set to “Use netclass width”.
The button next to it does as the tooltip explains.

This only appears to work for pins that have a net assigned. If you start drawing copper tracks from any pin that is not in the netlist, it appears to use the minimum setting from PCB Editor / File / Board Setup / Design Rules / constraints / Copper / Minimum track width.

Ok I see, the problem was mine. It is setting for a width shorter than the minimum for the board.
Ok problem solved, thank you for for your help!

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