Publishing project documentation for manufacture

This is a feature request. I imagine it could also lead to a plug-in type solution, though I have never scripted a KiCAD plug-in…

When I complete a design I like to fully publish it for reference and manufacturing. To do this I have many steps involved to plot the schematics to PDF, plot the board layout files to PDF, save 3D view images of the front and back of the PCB, plot the gerber files, save the Drill files, save a GENCAD export, save a IPC-D-356 export, save a Pick & Place export and export the board as a Step file.

Obviously, if I change something or make a revision I have a lot of steps to recreate all the files I want created. I know everyone would not want the same combination of these files, but it seems like a publishing manager that allows you to select what exports/plots you want for your project would be a real time saver for many people. Set it up one time, and then click one button to update all your files.

Does this seem like a reasonable wish list item? Is there anything like this already proposed? In the meantime, is it possible to script this sort of thing? If so, where would I start for some documentation and examples?

Thank you.

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You could take a look a KiBot, it is a very neat software meant exactly for this tasks, moreover @set is always willing to help and keeps improving it.

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