Provide tools to keep root directory clean


Towards the end of a project, I will find that I may have given up on some ideas, consolidated others, and overall the root directory will be cluttered with various files that have nothing to do with the main schematic. KiCad doesn’t indicate which schematics are available to use or already in use.

I think in Eeschema, it would be quite useful to :

  1. include a browser for importing schematics as opposed to manually typing in the filename (an image preview). Sometimes you may create a schematic, remove it from your main sheet, and then want to add it back to the project by manually searching and typing in the correct .sch file. It would be nice if there were a browser that you could flip through with a preview window of sorts so you could quickly decide if you can re-use a schematic or create a new one

  2. provide tools that indicate which schematics are currently being used by the project. With permission (or not) place unused schematics in a subdirectory. This cleans up the root directory and provides a level of organization. As well, if used with the browser as per suggestion 1, the designer could peruse the “archived” schematics and decide if they wanted to resurrect a specific one by bringing it back into the root directory.

To be honest, option 2 becomes less useful the more developed option 1 becomes. For instance, you could just assume all schematic files would be included in the root directory. If the browser allowed you to detect and delete unused files all in KiCad, then projects would remain organized anyways,


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