Proposition to add footprint preview constant panel in CvPcb

Hello, I’m the new :slight_smile:
I have a proposition about the change one thing in CvPcb:
It’s a irritating to click footprint on the list, click “View selected footprint” button and after this click another footprint and do the same things. Again and again. On the linux I had a possibility to set View footprint window constant on top layer, but in the Windows I don’t have it.
I think it would be better when it would be a resizeable panel (with possibility to turn off, if somebody want) in which selected footprint would be displayed all the time and which would be a part of the CvPcb window.

Link to the my poor “visualisation”:

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you will understand :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading it. It would be nice if I would see this feature in some near version :wink:

Have a look at this.

I have seen it in the program - I have a latest Nightly build.
I see that some similar thing is going to be introduced - assign footprint while adding the symbol. But in the CvPcb there will be still lack of this preview. In my opinion this should be introduced too.
Or I missed something in the link above?

Thanks for reply

No any other answers?

I don’t think that this is hard to introduce.

Well the thing with feature requests is that this might not be the correct platform.

  • Most forum members are mere KiCAD users who try to help each other with the software. (Most developers do not regularly visit this forum.)
  • Wishes for features need to be posted on the bugtracker with ‘wishlist’ as tag. (Please check first if something similar has already been requested and read the official how to.)
  • Pure wishes, without support by a developer or a patch ready to go into the KiCAD code have a very small chance of ever being implemented.

Sorry & good luck.

Just a heads up:
I think most developers will focus on getting the features they currently work on ready for the v5 release that will hopefully come out in the second half of this year. (New feature requests might not be high on the priority list until this release is done.)

The forum might be a good place to start a discussion and to get support by other users. But you have bad timing for that as well. (It is holiday season. The forum has been very quiet in the last few days.)

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Thanks a lot for answer! I will be checking bugtracker.