Project Tracking DB - Plugin

I put together a Project Tracking Database that runs from a Kicad Simple Plugin or, as Stand-Alone.

The Goal: Use LibreOffice 6.4, and figure out work-arounds to it’s short-comings and use it as a Kicad Plugin.
The Result: Success - a Project Tracking Database that runs from a Kicad Plug-in without any problems.

The Database is very basic but, better than doing it on paper. It’s posted at SourceForge; Here’s the Link.
A user could play with it for learning, hacking or, use as-is.

FYI - I my favorite hand-coded Java-SQLite databases are able to run from Kicad too, but, File-Structure/Access would be a problem for users without ability/knowledge/toolchain of Java Programming because the db location needs hard-coding.

Gif below shows the larger of the two GUI forms…

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I posted another Project Tracking Database; It’s written in Java, using SQLlite.

It’s a Stand-Alone app (does not run or require a Database program, it contains the necessary libraries).

It’s simple to use - my Hand-Coded favorite, mentioned in post, above.

It’s posted Here

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