Project specific libraries are not clear

Looks it is not exact and step-by-step manual for project spesific library.

Global libraries are ok and and I use daily.

But now I make new special project. Reason easy move project from man to other, I make
“f:\myprojectlfolder\specialprojects\oneveryspecialpcb” so kicad files under it. Also I think put only-this-project library under it: “f:\myprojectlfolder\specialprojects\oneveryspecialpcb\libraryforit”. As you see, windows (10 pro 64 bit) and Kicad 6.

Idea is simply: I collect all symbols, footprints and 3d-modules under this folder. Really project spesific. Even standard components I copy to this folder.

But… how I make this library? I really does not want this library start ghost me after this project. It is only use in this project. I found million manual pages for libraries, but no-one explain clearly and easy “how to make new, empty only project spesific library only for one project and very very easily and clearly for stupid peoples”.

For footprints or for schematic symbols?

The footprint (or symbol) editors double up as the library management tool in KiCad. So start the footprint editor from within your project and then: Footprint Editor / File / New Library and a dialog pops up whether you want the library to be global or project specific.

A Footprint Library is a directory ending in the “.pretty” extension, and each footprint is a file in that directory. A symbol library is a bit different. all schematic symbols in a symbol library are in a single file.

Additionally, KiCad does not search for libraries. The steps above do two things. It creates the (still empty) library itself, and it adds the library to the corresponding library table. If you have an existing library you want to add, then do it via: … / Preferences / Manage Footprint Libraries.

how to make new, empty only project spesific library only for one project and very very easily and clearly for stupid peoples”.

  1. start kicad, open your project
  2. open board and/or schematic
  3. open symbol-editor
  4. in symbol-editor: File–>New library → dialog window opens → choose “project library”, select correct directory (subdirectory according to your project) and choose a good library-name (project_library_xyz)
  5. kicad creates a empty library and also adds this library to your project-specific library-tables → so this library is only visible in this project
  6. fill the new library with existing symbols from other libraries (copy/paste) and/or modify existing symbols
  7. repeat 3.+4.+5 similarly with the footprint-editor

For project-specific 3D-files / 3D-directories:

  • I think thats not so easy with Kicad v6
  • maybe the plugin “archive 3D models” could help
  • maybe someone other can help more

Yes, looks clear, simply “new library”, “project spesific”. Clear, thanks!

Pay attention to the first line here

The project that is in the background when you open the symbol editor and create a project library (instead of a global library) is the project to which that the project library is assigned.

I’m not familiar with V6 yet (used it one day half year ago and now again since few days).
As I have read in KiCad V6 all symbols and footprints used are integrated in schematic and pcb files.
I understand that (until you don’t expect the other man will edit libraries) you need not to have library together with project files. If he want to edit symbols and footprints not in the libraries but only in that project than probably he need not to have libraries also.
I don’t know but may be having only project files you can get from it symbols and footprints and save in libraries.
So… may be you need not to do what you are doing.

KiCad V7.0.0-rc1 has a: Schematic Editor / File / Export / Symbols to (New) Library, very similar to footprints for the PCB Editor.

But you still have to get your symbols from some library to put them into your schematic in the first place. I still see (possibly project specific) libraries as the main resource for schematic symbols, and consider this export as an extra that makes it possible to re-create a library for a project when it is lost.

But as long as you do not want to use a schematic symbol from a “OneVerySpecialProject” in any other project, you can do without any library after the schematic has been created. When a symbol is only on the schematic, and you delete it from the schematic you can not place it back, as there is no library to get it from. You would have to get a copy from an older backup.