Project Rescue Helper - cached symbols


I have a project that was created with an old version of the USB_OTG symbol.
Loading the schematic causes a warning about rescuing the part. I untick Symbols to update - accept because I want the new symbol and correct the schematic for the new pin positions and save.

Close the project and reload and the same thing happens, the old symbol is stuck in the cache.
Does anyone know a way of updating where the new symbol sticks and updates the cache without getting the text editor out?

Ubuntu Nightly version.

How to deal with rescued components?

Seems to me that you are accepting no changes.

Try NOT clicking anything, and do NOT rescue any parts.


That is what I do, change to the new symbol and save. My problem is that the stale symbol is stuck in the cache and gets detected the next time


That sounds like a bug? @c4757p might be able to shed some light on this.

I don’t think there is any control of the caches by the user (apart from the trusty texteditor :slight_smile: )


Workaround: save the file as you want it. Delete the cache.lib. Save again the project and a new cache.lib should be generated without the old components.

To me, the rescue option is a pain in the neck, I can’t figure out how it works (or maybe I’m too lazy to learn that part of the manual).


Experimenting with this project, deleting the cache.lib triggers detection of the USB_OTG symbol, and two more, led_small and fuse.
Substituting the fuse symbol is causing a new error in the netlist file, the symbol with ref is there, but no net to the pins is assigned. This is odd as the symbol drags attached wires correctly, the standard test for proper wire attachment.

This is on Windows Nightly.
I am experimenting with a simpler design with a complex hierarchy to replicate this on something I can post as a bug


Maybe the new fuse symbol has different size and the wires don’t match its pins?
I know you have experience with eeschema, but one never knows with these minor details…


It is smaller, but I always deliberately connect each pin, I have long learnt to make sure that pins really are connected.

Anyway, trying with 4.0.6 on Ubuntu, the netlists are correct after substitution and the recovery dialog goes away, so this is starting to smell like a Nightly bug


The same thing happening on Ubuntu Nightly, wires connected to the substitute part are not connected in the netlist


I have found a bug. Netlists are corrupted when you substitute a part, quietly losing connections shown on the schematic, nasty.