Project files - version 5 to 6

So I finally took the plunge and have installed 6.0.4 on my macOS setup. (using the ‘replace’ option)

I’m now opening each file in turn, letting KiCAD convert to the new format (which I now see I made a mistake not keeping the cache files), fixing ‘lost’ symbols, then saving.

Do I assume correctly the .pro is the v5 project file and .kicad_pro is the v6 version?

What is the .prl file?

I’ll probably find the answer on my own, but where is the menu for defining the hotkeys? I’m missing the ‘C’ hotkey for copying a schematic symbol and I’m accustomed to using the ‘forward delete’ key to delete something vs. backspace…

Yes, although .pro could be also an earlier version, and .kicad_pro from v6 or any later version (including the current development version 6.99). But if they are your projects, you know them.

“Project local”, some local setting for the project which aren’t necessary, just UI setup etc. which aren’t part of the design.

In Preferences.

Thanks for confirming my thoughts on .pro / kicad_pro. I relocated all my v5 project files into my KiCAD root folder, then as I complete conversion, I’m moving them back into the proper subfolders while the v5 files get swept into another folder that will be archived when I finish updating the files.

I did find the hotkey menu after my post and got the delete key fixed to my preference.

Now I just need to find the setting for the default folder location; I don’t like it when an app just goes and creates a folder in my documents folder without asking me if I want a folder created (vs. linking to where I keep the project files instead).

That relocating and copying back of files sounds very complicated and error prone.
Why not just make a backup of your V5 projects and then convert them in situ?

KiCad V6 also makes a sub directory in each project with backups.

I use a very simple backup strategy myself. Just by zipping up a project and attaching a date in ISO_8601 format. Other people use VCS such as git.

It wasn’t that many subfolders, and it was a useful exercise in helping determine which files I needed to keep and which were just derivatives of others (and could be tossed).

Just 2 left to fix (one needs a symbol made, the other is an incomplete reverse-engineer).

What about libraries? I have one library with all my custom symbols in it - v5 had three separate files (.bck, .dcm, .lib) while v6 seems to have added a .kicad_sym?

I do need to raise an issue in another thread regarding one IC in the default libraries being completely wrong (actual part is 28 pins but symbol is for a completely different 40-pin IC).

.kicad_sym supplants .lib and .dcm. .bck is a backup for .dcm. Once migrated all three old files are not needed by v6.

Got the library sorted and the last 2 schematics converted.

Edit: I figured out how to review that odds and ends folder with the assortment of libraries and footprints - sorted.

Migration complete.

I am finding that on some projects a few schematic symbols do not convert and I end up with the boxes we saw on V5 if there was a missing rescue library. Most of the rescue parts do convert, so something odd going on

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