Project files organization


As far as I know, 5.1 branch and prior versions were hiding sub schematic sheets in the project window after adding them into the main schematics file. At the end we had generally only main schematics in the project manager.

Right now with the nightlies I’m seeing all of the sub sheets in the project manager and they are not indented to right under the main sheet.

First, I thought that this could be for easier editing (like Altium, without browsing trough main sheet). Opened it via double clicking and changed a simple content just to see whether there will be a difference or not with the symbol under the main sheet.

It was different than what I have under the project folder. And also opening it created another project file with the same sub sheet name.

I guess the new schaeatics format directly copies sub sheets into the file like the symbols. But this is something that I wasn’t expecting.

Is this the new normal or am I missing something here?

I suspect this is an oversight. Might be something to report on the bug tracker if it is not already known there.

Just checking it here to keep the tracker clean.

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