Project conversion from BZR4022 to 5.14

I have to come back to an old project to make some additions & modifications.
Of course, I might do this with the old BZR4022 Version but I think it would be better to upgrade it.
After I opened the project, proceeded with the recommended options and ended with a hierarchy, which one of the sheets (the most important one) isn’t showing any connection, neither wires, nor busses, only bus entries ! At the moment, everything else seems to be here.
What happened ?
To avoid errors, I’d prefer to correct this automatically. Is there a way to do it ?
Thanks in advance and kind regards

You might want to go step by step. Get it first to version 4 and from that to version 5 (version 4 to version 5 conversion is documented here: Converting KiCad version 4 projects to version 5 (Remap a project))

The 4022 to v4 conversion should only create problems on the layout side. You might need to check a guide for that. A quick search turned this up: Converting/opening 2013-stable layout file in 4.0.4 stable - How? (solved)

If you can share your project then i highly suggest to report your problems as a bug as v5 should still be able to open such an old project.

Hi Rene,
Thank you for the help.
Since two sheets were correctly converted, I suspected something wrong in the first one.
I decided to split the project into sub-projects that I created under BZR4022. I copied the sheets into the sub-projects as well as the corresponding already existing kicad_pcb files.
I tried to open the faulty sheet under kicad 5.1.4. it immediately exhibited an error concerning a png file.
I reopened it under BZR4022 and removed a truth table loaded as an image. I saved the sheet and re-opened it into 5.1.4. It converted, rescue, bla bla and opened correctly. Almost everything was there.
“Tools menu”, “edit symbol preferences”, I put the correct paths and saved the file. Rescue files were no more needed, I copied them into a temporary dir before deletion. The schematic opened normally, I re-inserted the png, no more issues. I did the same with the two other sheets.

Now I’ll proceed with the modification then edit the PCBs. You probably read me again !
Kind regards

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