Process for extracting a component out of a cache.lib

Hi Fellow-KeyCaddians!

I just started a new project and I need a component. A Co-Worker of mine already generated this component. I cloned her project and the symbol is in it’s cache.lib.

Is there a process to get this symbol out of the projects cache.lib and add it permanently to my lib?


You can add the cache lib to a project’s library table (Preferences -> Manage Symbol Libraries). Then you can access the symbols in the symbol editor and copy them normally.

EDIT: it’s better to copy and rename the cache.lib file first.


Thanks, I’ll try that!

The cache lib does not contain the full information of the symbol.

So the best option would be to ask your coworker to share their library with you (to be honest any asset used in any project should be available to everyone else as you never know if you might need to hand over your work to others especially in times like now).

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