Problems with symbols library in Kicad Manjaro download

Hi so I just downloaded the kicad and kicad-library with pacman.
However when I start Kicad and make a project, it has not loaded any symbols or so.
So I can’t really do anything… I need it for a course and my professor is also not really getting it.

I can also mention I’m quite new to Arch and using it, so any step by step installation help or so would be greatly appreciated.

From what I had understood I only needed to do the pacman -S commands for both to have them on my system, but how do I add the library to the actual application?

KiCad uses library tables to find libraries. If you started KiCad even once without libraries installed or chose the wrong option, it created (by your choice in a dialog) empty library tables. Now, if you have the libraries installed, you have to either recreate the library tables by deleting them from the user configuration (see Where are the configuration files (settings, library tables)?) and starting the schematic editor and pcb editor again, or copy the library tables to the user configuration from the libraries, or manipulating the tables in the Preferences → Manage Symbol/Footprint Libraries and adding the libraries from the file system. IMO it’s easiest to delete the library tables from your user configuration and to start KiCad again; when it asks, let it choose the default in the dialog which asks about libraries.

If it can’t find the default library tables from the installed libraries, you can point it to the library tables which should have been installed along with the actual libraries in the library directories.

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