Problems with Component Editor

I seem to be missing something when using the component editor.

When creating a new component, there seems to be no way to reference the size of the item created and the pin text size etc. So what happens is the item I create is no where near the scale of items already in the library. For example if I create a component and compare it to others in the library, it is far smaller and does not scale the same as the other components. I find it very difficult to try to “size” the components and their text and pins etc to come near the same scale as the rest of the components in the library.

I have watched the videos on YouTube and read the documentation but this issue does not seem to be addressed.

Thanks for any assistance.

All symbols in the official lib are created with 100mil grid for pins. (exception: very small symbols where we allow 50 mil grid for pins.)
All text fields have a size of 50mil
Outlines are mostly either drawn on 100 or 50 mil grid. (And have a line width of 10 mil)

If you use the same approach your symbol should look very similar.

In short make use of the grid system and use a fairly coarse grid.

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There is a document called KLC, you can find it here:
under ‘How to contribute’ which has all the specs.

On the other hand, my personal symbols are useing a 50 mill pitch for pins and are smaller than the KiCAD symbols as well… :wink:


My first contributions in KiCad symbol libraries also force 50mil pitch. Unfortunately, I was not able to establish this as standard. KiCad isn’t Microsoft… :laughing:

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