Problems with a symbol I created

For one of my projects I have problems with a symbol I created INA-02186 because it has two gnd pins but has a common pin with Vcc power supply with output out and in the schematic it gives me errors and I don’t know which type of pin to assign . The ERC gives me these errors:

  1. Error Input power pin not driven by any output power pin
  2. Error the output type and Power output pins are not connected

The symbol in question is INA-02186

Hi @rslogix52

The ERC is not very smart. It really only checks for unconnected wires, not for circuit design. Unless the ERC can see a power output directly connected, without any interruption from any passive components, it will show an error.

Probably best to change the electrical type to Passive for both pins.

Hi @jmk I tried to change the property to Passive on all pins but it tells me that there is no power supply, perhaps this is because it is not directly connected to the power supply but from a connector and the power comes from another circuit on another board. if you have some time to devote to this problem I can send you the complete project as it is now. Thank you so much for your time that you dedicate to me


The pin properties should be able to be changed.
An alternative is to place a “Power flag” preceding the input pin on the net between the connector and the input pin. Placing a power flag on this net tells the ERC that power is going to the input pin.

The power flag symbol can be found in the Kicad library named “Power”.

There is more detailed information on power flags here (a timely reminder by @retiredfeline :slightly_smiling_face:). Scroll down to Power Symbols.

Hi @jmk I put the two power flags but the error always appears so it’s not serious the pcb was done correctly I’m curious how to correct the problem.
Many thanks for your time dedicated to me rslogix52 we can close the chat

If all pins are passive than ERC should not tell about no power supply. ERC checks if power input pins are driven by power output pin and if not reports it as an error.

Until we not see where are those power flags and where are the power input pins it will be not clear what is going on.

Hi @Piotr I attach the PDF file if needed I can attach the project


There are not PWR_FLAGs at your schematic.
Did you at least read:

I solved it by doing the project from scratch, putting the pins of the symbolo as passive.
Thank you for the time you have dedicated to me

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