Problems Using Hierarchical Sheets

I am truly mystified -
I want to create a hierarchical set of schematics from a schematic I originally created in KiCad 5.1.9 and migrated to KiCad 6.0.9 using Windows 10.

I opened the schematic in V6.0.9, copied a circuit block and opened a new project called test. In Eeschema, on the blank ‘parent sheet’ I selected ‘add sheet’ in the ‘place’ pull-down menu (or icon or ‘s’) and created a box labeled ‘Power Switch’. I then went to that sheet (2) and I pasted the copied sub-circuit there in the middle. I then placed a second box on the root sheet called DC-DC- Converter. Going to sheet 3 I find that it’s identical to sheet 2 (except that it shows 3/3), with sheet 2’s circuit on it. When I move the (‘Power Switch’) circuit that appears there, it also moves the circuit identically on sheet 2. I’ve tried several times originally starting out with a less simplified set of circuits and pages, always showing the same behavior of simply duplicating the first circuit on all of the pages.

On another point: In the document “Schematic Editor/Hierarchical schematics” It says - ‘The Sheet Properties dialog can be accessed at any time by selecting a sheet and using the E hotkey, or with Properties…​ in the right-click context menu.’ I can only get to the ‘properties’ of the sheet by right-clicking in the drawn sheet box on the root sheet - I can’t get there by right-clicking in the sheet itself or by the ‘E’ hotkey.

Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

Do the two child sheets have different filenames? If they refer to the same filename, they will be linked - edits in one will also edit the other. If they refer to different filenames, then they’ll be independent. A screenshot of your root sheet may help here.

Selecting a sheet symbol and pressing “E” should work, as with accessing the properties for any other object in KiCad.


As for the right click method, the process that worked for you is what I was trying to describe when I wrote that :slight_smile:

I’ll try to clarify that point. I was struggling a bit with terminology to differentiate between the sheet symbols (the boxes) and the sheet itself.

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Thank you gkeeth, that worked very well! I had seen that file name in the properties but didn’t make the connection (so to speak.) :wink:
As for the sheet symbols and sheets themselves, as you point out, I wasn’t clear as to where the sheet properties actually resided. Thanks again, Brad

P.S. Because I wanted to have a view of the entire schematic I had created earlier, I pasted a .jpeg (with the wires and connections erased) of it on the Root and then was intending to make the sheet symbols with their connections underneath (not sure on what layer the jpeg resides.) The sheet symbols are still selectable. I realize that this wouldn’t work well with a large schematic.

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