Problems updating PCB

One problem that happened twice today:

  • I updated a part of my schematic. I deleted a few parts. Updating the PCB: the parts were still there.
    (this happened twice). I had to delete the extra parts manually.
  • I updated the footprint of a connector. It was a straight one, I updated for a right angle. The PCB didn’t update, I had to delete the footprint manually, and then load again.
    Did anybody else experience that?
    V 5.1 on Windows10.

What tool do you use to update?

Assuming you use the tool called “update pcb from schematic”:
Did you select “update footprints”?
Did you select “delete extra footprints”?

Hello Rene!

Sorry, I didn’t notice the “update footprints” checkbox and neither the delete extra footprints.
I will try next time, but indeed that’s probably the reason it wasn’t updating as expected.
Now just for my info: what’s the meaning of this? When I’m changing the footprint in the schematic,
I expect the change to be reflected in the PCB (i.e. that the new footprint appears and the old one
disappears). Are there cases where people want to update their pcb without updating the footprints,
and without erasing the old ones?



One usecase would be if you have things added only on the pcb side. For example a logo. (For kicad there is no way to tell if the footprint is without a symbol since it has been added or because of a recent change to the schematic.)

I am sure there are other usecases for this as well.

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