Problems creating a "C" shaped zone

Hi all

Looked around the forum and could not find anything that seems to match my issue.

I’m trying to create a C shaped copper filled zone and the tool keeps auto-completing the polygon. This is preventing me from creating the C shape and instead produces a octagon shaped filled zone.

How do I turn off the auto-complete aspect? I should be able to reform with no issue as I have the board room to do this shape.

Could you give an example image of the wanted shape?

Two ways to do it (there are other ways…):

  1. Simple, if not caring about Rounded Ends
    video below

  2. If wanting clean/straight Ends (images below)
    • Draw the shape in any program (I used LibreOffice’s Draw for this
    • Export ‘Selection’ as .PNG
    • Open Kicad’s Bitmap tool and load your .PNG
    • Export it (see below) - It’s now a Footprint (xxx.MOD)
    • In PCBnew, place the Footprint. Edit it and change layers as desired…


Trying to follow the purple outline but end up with the white one instead.

I am guessing that you gave up before completing your shape, just keep adding the next points and KiCad will start hollowing your octagon into a C shape.

You could be experiencing which is not fixed in 5.1 – try disabling the H/V/45 constraint when you start drawing the zone

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