Problems associating custom footprints to symbols

Good evening. I'm new to the forums and was requested to do this specific circuit for a class project from scratch.

The thing is the project includes a specific transformer from which i was instructed to create a customized symbol and footprint for, the 3d model being already provided. The problem with this is that i seem to be having problems while passing this on to the pcb, for Kicad is having issues associating the footprint with the symbol pins, and that creates a discrepancy that keeps me from making the right connections to the rest of the circuit. Being a new user i can only provide a single image on a post, so i’ll provide an image of what error is bothering me. If any doubts arise feel free to ask for further clarification.
I hope this question was clear, and would be thankfull for a tip on how to resolve this. Thanks in advance.


You need to have your own “custom” library for your own footprints, and also one for your own symbols. Then the symbol editor-properties should have a footprint field. Click in there and point the custom symbol to the custom footprint in your custom footprint library. The standard libraries are likely to get replaced when you update the SW, so KiCad normally tries to prevent you from editing in the standard libraries.

I understand but the funny thing is i already have these custom directories properly built. Although i have not checked to see if the symbol editor is referencing the right directory as you say. I’ll make sure to confirm this as soon as i can. I appreciate the tip, thank you for your time

If the libraries are otherwise correctly set up, How does KiCad know which symbol pin represents which pad of the footprint? has probably the solution.

Pin names/numbers in the symbol and the footprint must match exactly. I suspect yours do not.

i have a suspicion that this might be exactly the problem, my pins are unnamed and devoid of numbers. I’ve only written the identifiers in a separate text box. I’ll look into it as soon as i can and thank you in advance for your sugestion.

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