Problem with symbols and footprint assignments


I have some issues loading the footprints and symbols inside Kicad.

I am importing an Eagle project with schematic(.sch) and board (.brd) files. The project is imported and both the files are created in Kicad as well. The problem is with Footprint assignment window. When I open that window and click on “View selected Footprint”, I get an error which tells that
“Library is not in the footprint library table”.

Then I tried to update the “select the global footprint and project libraries table” with the folder called “projectname.pretty”. But still there are not footprints showing up.

Also, I want to know how Kicad manages these settings?

Ok. I think I have found what the problem was. Actually it has nothing to do with the paths and folders stuff.

The thing was that in footprint/symbol association dialog, I just had enabled some filters which were kind of not showing up some of the footprints.


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